sick and death / 病と死


My baby friend got sick and hospitalized in the nearby city, Gaoa, last week. No one knows what's wrong with her, well that's the major case for everybody. People get sick and if it's an adult they say it's malaria or because of "general tiredness" then in the worst case, they die. 


Sickness and death are very close to people's lives. On one hand I wish medical development to arrive someday but on the other hand, I learn a lot from people's way of acceptance of death. No one gets surprised by the arrival of sickness or death, they cry hard then will continue on living. 


I find most of the nurses here almost as useless as myself. But we feel we have to do something for the poor sick baby then we ask for the consultation and treatment, then pray. I think they pray because it feels like there is nothing but to pray they can do. Since 15 years that my grandma, who taught me two phrases of a sutra, has passed, I prayed. Well I prayed just by saying the sutra as I don't know any other way of praying.


I felt the smallness of humans, or maybe just uselessness of myself. I don't think I will make a pray again for a real while, but really hope my little friend's recovery.