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ゴミとアートと舞踏と/ garbage and art and butoh and..


Since about two months ago, I've been working with a garbage collection association and every Monday I've been going abound the city to collect garbage disposed in the 80 trash cans placed. It has been always only some two other men members and me who do this job. I've heard women say that it's not a job for women. Today, for the first time, two women showed up. According to Antoine, the leader of the association, they saw a foreign woman (me) collecting garbage and stood up saying they gotta do it too. I don't know if that's true or not but I was happy to be accompanied by our new members. 



By the way now at this moment I'm writing it in a bus on a way to the capital city, Ouagadougou, listening to Edith Piaf (French Chanson) and Carry Pamu Pamu (Japanese Pops) that I found in my iPhone.


Lately, our art leader Kinda has been in bed. We first thought it was malaria but it actually was 
typhoid he has. So his recovery is taking a bit longer. Then I got so much free time to think and refresh  a lot. I'd like to connect people by arts. 

企画2: ディエブグとニューヨークのアートコラボ
企画3: ディエブグの街をゴミの街からアートの街へ 
企画4: ディエブグの貧しい子供のアート職業訓練学校開校 
企画5: ディエブグとスリランカの小学校ひとクラスずつ選んでアート文化交流 
企画6: 東京のDance mediumの舞踏作品「帰ル」のディエブグでの映像上映会

Project no.1 Arts to the world from Diebougou
Project no.2 Art collaboration between Diebougou and New York
Project no.3 Diebougou, the city of garbage, to the city of art
Project no.4 creation of art school for the kids with no money
Project no.5 Cultural exchange by art between elementary schools of Diebougou and a village of Sri Lanka 
Project no.6 Film showing of the Butoh piece "Coming home" by Dance Medium from Tokyo, in Diebougou.


I went to see Mr. Ouatara who is trying to introduce theater arts to the people of Diebougou, to talk about my idea of Butoh showings. He said in Diebougou, almost no one can even imagine how a contemporary dance is like. Well, introducing Butoh, which might not even be in a category of contemporary dance, is just so exciting. Mr. Ouatara said he has been doing free film showings since a month ago. So it was a perfect timing today to tell him about this idea of theater film showing. 

Dance Medium のウエブサイト
Dance Medium's website


In Diebougou, things don't get too complicated. Whenever I come up with some idea, whenever I wanna talk with someone, I can just call him up to make him come see me or to visit him from myself. Diebougou isn't too big but isn't too small either. People do have plans everyday but aren't too fixed. So I can do what I want to do today today and things move quickly. Every time I talk I feel I get new companions. Oh I'm liking this  country life.