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ジャンベと大地/Djembe and the earth


People start playing djembe young. They don't play it to make them look cool, but they just play it to play. In the rhythm or sounds each person creates, you can see the person himself or piece of his life. 



Draman, my first Djembe teacher in BF.


In most cases, things like cultures or religions must have been already there in the places one has grown up. One wouldn't choose one's culture. And for the majority, his religion may be already in the culture but may not have been a personal choice. Things that one has started since childhood are some big parts of the person himself, and are intergraded into his culture. Music becomes the person himself, or himself becomes the music.



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For me, maybe that would be sounds of water. The sounds that have always been around me were sounds of water. It's true that I trust water and loved BEING water in some Butoh classes.



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I wonder if the continent of Africa is the origin of life. I've heard that in some traditional African arts, there are depictions of gods as if people have really seen them or lived with them, but at the same time their gods are not human like but very spiritual. That's surely one of the reasons of what had dragged my attention to here. 


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What are arts? Maybe they are something like LIFE itself, which just naturally exist in the nature, so maybe one wouldn't create an art but oneself is consisted with many possible molecules of arts. I need to experience living in the reality, somewhere closer to the earth, under the natural climate, with the people who truly are living, and deceasing. I am looking for some truth, it's hard to explain what it is because I haven't found it yet, but my instinct said that something exists here, so, I came here and I play djembe.



Zoumana, my second teacher of djembe in BF