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30代/ my thirties


There are those moments that we feel moved in life. I might have it more often than the average. I'm often wanting something, looking for somewhere, and needing somebody. That makes me be desperate but so, I'd end up finding what is important.



I believe that anyone would have at least one person in the world who loves him/her, someone who wouldn't be able to stand to his/her death. If that someone wouldn't be able to find the reason why to love him/her, if that someone cannot do anything but to continue on loving him/her no matter what happens to him/her, if it's not a choice to love someone but if it's just the nature, then we can even be loving someone we hate, and if that's the case, maybe I don't need to be an enemy of anyone anymore.



Since I decided to change the location, from New York to Burkina Faso, I've met so many people. I gained more and more important people of mine. And I became the one for more and more people.



I'm going to start living in japan now after 9 years of absence. When I reached the age that I'd be considered as adult, I was gone already. I left at the age of 19, but I've had already decided to do so when I was 16. Since then, since 12 years ago, not even once, I've never thought about living in japan again. We'd never know what can happen in life.



I'm sincerely excited about my life. I'd be going to be busy, be blue sometimes, and be moved as much. I think my thirties would be more exciting than twenties.