one way ticket- 片道航空券


I've gotten my one way plane ticket couple days ago: Leaving Narita, Japan on 12/4- Arriving to Ouagadougou, Burkina on 12/9.



Of course it's not that it needs 5 days to get to Burkina from Japan but I'm stoping at AddisAbaba, Ethiopia for some days just to have some fun. I know I want to stay in west Africa for a while but haven't decided where or how. I could apply in Japan to be dispatched here, too. Whether to buy round trip or one way, at the end I said, gotta buy one way cause it's cheaper as nothing has been decided. When I moved to NY as well it was a one way ticket I bought. Buying it made me feel like I've made my mind up, that I'm staying here. And I feel it's the real life, at least for me, I feel life with a limit of 2 years, I wasn't well grounded or very independent. 



My people in Diebougou have prepared, without telling me, a new project of recycling for me to work on next year, while me thinking about applying a job in a country nearby, then now they tell me not to leave here next year because there is a work for me to do;)) then that whole thing could make me think about making a NGO here, but the next moment I'm thinking about doing a master in Ghana. Wmm.


Maybe it's interesting enough to stay here and make Diebougou to be the first city in Burkina where is known for recycling, though the subject itself doesn't really attract me (but that's what I've been doing the past two years;)) I don't know what's going to be happening, but a thing for sure is that my life is in the good flow.