"Japan and China are parts of Europe, right?/ 日本も中国もヨーロッパだよね?"

Came to Navielegane, a village 15- 20km from my site to visit a school for unschooled youths to learn elementary materials. 6 months, $40 per year for 3 years. Some would even go take higher education after here. 


Not only French, but also Science, Math, History and Geography they teach. After listening to me during the entire morning talking about Asia, and it's difference from Europe, he said the sentence above. After all, he hasn't understood the meaning of the word 'Asia,' though he teaches geography or history;)) Mistakenly estimating the level of education or amount of knowledge of a person, I often experience this sort of difficulty of not being able to tell what I want to tell. 


The fact that I'm still finding difficulty in myself accepting to be called 'white woman' actually shows me my own cognition of self as Asian, and my proud for being Asian


Being called 'Chinese' is something positive for me. I'd correct it sometimes, or completely ignore it if it was a call from a strenger passing by, but it's because I find it impolite to call someone by her nationality like this, so I ignore the call when it's 'Japanese' as well. I'd want to be called by name, and if it's someone who knows me, he knows what I want. The fact that there are people who can differentiate me from 'White' and guessing 'Chinese' is very positive because in my understanding, majority of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwaneese, those East Asians, are from the same racial roots. I might be Chinese, but I would not be White West European. So wrong.




Then I wonder what do I want with all this. I'm small and incapable of so much things, so it can't be helped..