-Burkina Faso-

Mihee was telling me the reactions of the ppl she got in NY when she told them about her leave for Burkina Faso. It was often some words of worries considering the popular uprising of the last year, the incident possibly known as "Coup d'état" in the world. Maybe those of you who are reading this might also think that it's such a place of danger where is no regal restriction, somewhere totally disordered. Then I thought, what I'd like people to know through all my activities in Burkina Faso, is the reality of the country, where I find so much warmness and no violence at all. 



I didn't like the images I had for "AFRICA." Some images of poverty, diseases, and safari.. Some images I got to have without even knowing the names of the countries, that maybe I got from hearing or seeing some medias' broadcasts' whatever. I'd always want to decide what it is, by feeling and seeing and being with my own body in the spot, because otherwise images will stay as images forever and I'd always have to live in the images that I had created. Well, that's ok. As long as that I keep my mouth closed for that matter, but if I choose to be an active speaker, I'd rather search for my real.



All the matters I come across in my life, become nothing once I come back to Diébougou. The optimistic-ness of my people here confers my worries. Once you feel that you have gained something, you'd not want to give it away. You gain and gain and gain then you cannot move anymore. They say, "Ça va aller." Meaning something like "It's gonna go well (no worries.)" They say that with no reasons, and then I feel maybe I'm alright. Not having bigger belongings rather than ones families, they might be able to move freely, flexibly, while taking care of their loved ones. 



I want all of you to come to Diébougou, and tell me how you'd feel, how you find it, and if this place matches with your images. People are absolutely poor. But that shouldn't be the first adjective to define this place. Get a yellow fever shot and come, then you'll be experiencing it with your own body. Through NyamaNyama, while loving all the important things, if here will become somewhere being loved by more and more people, that would be awesome.



Photo Credit: NyamaNyama