reality of money and reality of my people

NyamaNyama 2015 - Artistic week of Diebougou- ディエブグ芸術祭-

5/30- 6/6. 2015

Was the first big festival in Diébougou, and was the first big event that I organized from zero, in my life. I was seeking for possibility to establish connection between humans or places I love, but some connection rather than money related. But in order to make this festival happen, I'd have had to take care of all the people involved, and those who have never had money in their hand, would not be able to understand my thoughts, that money isn't what will solve the poverty (of many sorts,) or isn't what makes life better. And in reality, (example of some venders participated at the festival) they need money to buy food for today in the same manner that I have my appetite, and they tell me they don't have the coins to buy water. Am I going to tell them that the committee of NyamaNyama doesn't have money for that, or that I don't believe in money? No way. What I can do is to give each of them a pack of water and some food and to others as well to keep the fairness between them, then I'd end up using money, needing money, just to feed someone who is very near me, for the entire 8 days. 


I still think money should not be the goal of someone's life. But already, in this society, it feels impossible to ignore its strong existence in our life, especially because what I'm trying to do is something global, there is no way not to look at it. So, we are going to start asking for money, to give us support, to make the festival happen every year, and to make the future of Diebougou be a place with so much of creativeness.



It has been such a big festival, involving so many people, as I counted the numb. of the staff including artists, it exceeded 240. In total, 1735 people have come, paid, and entered to our program of 7 nights. It started out by me saying "wanna do a video projection of Butoh piece." Then many many many many many people have become part of the project. Every time someone joins, that gives some different colors to the team, and that's how a project develops from an event of someone, to an event for the many. I am feeling grateful for the encounters with all the team. It's true that all the core members are someone who isn't looking for the 20cents to live a day, but I feel grateful for their energies, works, that they put to make the festival happen, without any personal benefits. 



Photo Credit: NyamaNyama