Rodine's words/ ロジンさんの言葉

We pick up garbage every Monday for 4 continuous hours under the heat. It's really tiring. Every next day my body gets stiff from lifting heavy trashcans. It's not rare to find trashcans tipped over and we have to pick up all the trash scattered on the street. I know no one has asked me to do this. On Monday mornings I find myself wanting to sleep more instead of leaving for garbage pick-up. And sometimes I really did slept over and didn't go work. 



The other day, Rodine (the lady in the photo) has joined us. She said: 
"I saw you doing this twice and was astonished. I thought those who collect garbage only do so in order to make some small money for themselves. A white person (me) from overseas is now doing this. A black person (her) from here has to work, too. So I became a member of the association."



No one has asked me to do anything but everyone is watching me if I do something. Her words made me look forward to working again next Monday.