Donation needed/ 図工セットください

<Donation of art supplies needed: crayons, colored pencils, scissors, paints, paint brushes, notebooks, art books or others>

We, WOUNTOGOSUI, will start hosting small art contests for children in Diebougou. Our aim is to make arts something close to people's everyday life in Diebougou. For the children who will win prizes, we'd like to give them some art materials. Here in Diebougou, as Kinda says because the number of the people who are interested in art is so small, we cannot even find a store to buy colored pencils. Please mail us some art materials to give to the children as prizes. All kinds are welcomed. If you are mailing from the U.S, let me know before you send. One set of pencils means really a lot for us. 
And if you can put a picture of you as well, we'd love that. Thank you! 

Address: MiyuLeilani Sakurai/ CMA Diebougou 

BP 05 Diebougou Burkina Faso

Tel: +226 66702953



住所:MiyuLeilani Sakurai/ CMA Diebougou 

BP 05 Diebougou Burkina Faso

電話: +226 66702953