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パリからのお客様/ a guest from Paris


アーティストのSenoo Sayoさんがパリからディエブグにやって来た。Sayoさんは生き物が食べ物に変わっていく過程に興味があるらしく、動物の解体を追っていた。大都市では、すでに生きていた時代の原型を全くとどめていない肉の塊なんかがスーパーで売っている、そこに命があったことがまるで隠されているみたいに。その隠されてたような過程へのグリーティングカードを作っているのだと、Sayoさんは言っていた。



Sayo Senoo, an artist based in Paris, has visited Diebougou. She 
is interested in the process of the transformation of life to food. In big cities, we find a chunk of meet that makes us impossible to imagine its form of origin, as if the fact that it was a life that has been killed has been tried to be hidden. Sayo says she is making greeting cards to invite people to that hidden process of transformation from a life to become a food. 




Her object of attention is very close to the idea of circulation of life that I felt strongly in the life of people in Diebougou. Here even if I explain that we find packed meats in rows in supermarkets in Tokyo, people cannot imagine what that are like and may say, well it's weird. Here, everyone knows that meats were alive before, and have been killed for us to eat. Everyone does know that.



It means a lot to have visitors like her in Diebougou, where we can find only one person who presents himself as an artist. Powers from exteriors give us such new sensations. My loved Diebougou loved Sayo and she loved Diebougou. Isn't it awesome?