Yamada Mayumuna/ やまだマユムーナ

Yamada's rice field/ やまだのたんぼ

Here in Diebougou, there is one other Japanese volunteer who works as a cultivator. Her name is Mayumi Yamada, but to make it easy for people to remember, she sometimes introduce herself as Mayumuna, it's a commonly known Muslim name. But I call her Yamada. She arrived to Diebougou 9 months ahead of me and will (supposedly) leave here in about 13 months. Since my arrival to Diebougou, she has introduced me lots of her friends and people like her families here. 


Yamada & her friend Clarise /やまだとやまだの友達のクラリス

She has taken me to her fields, to her friends' houses, and she introduced me a guy who is also a performer. This morning we went to a house of her teacher of Dagara language. As Jula language is widely spoken in the city of Diebougou, you can get by as speaking Jula. But in the nearby villages, though many understand Jula, many speak Dagara within the communy. I didn't know a word in Dagara and I found it not good. So it was great she brought me there to start learning Dagara. 


Yamada & Dagara teacher Marcela/ やまだとダガラ語の先生のマルセラ

Because of her, my life in Diebougou has started with ease. Because she is loved, her friends and people in Diebougou accept me with love. My family in Diebougou (Kabore and Cévéline's family) came to love her as soon as I introduced. Yamada is wonderful. She has grown her  crops with students from villages. So much greater than me who kill a potted plant within 3 days. She is not complicated. She is easy-going and cares people with love. I really think I'm lucky that it was her who is here with me.


New students farmers in Bappla/ バップラの新しい研修生農民