Connection btw languages and people/ 言語と人との間のつながり

I love learning languages because I know that languages show the culture. I believe that without speaking the language of the place, one would never get to know some big part of the culture.



It has been about three weeks since I arrived to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Since the first week, there has been something I've kept thinking about. It's still only my hypothesis but I feel that French language, which is the official language of Burkina Faso, though is widely diffused to the locals' daily bases, is not very connected to their own cultures or selves. I usually feel one's culture by speaking the spoken language so I've always loved learning languages but now I cannot really keep my motivation for improving my French because I don't quite feel the people in this language.  



In Burkina Faso, I've heard that there are about 60 different ethnicities and each community speaks their own language. For that reason, French is widely diffused. Not only those who finished schooling but also who have never been in schools can often speak French by picking up the words, though of course there are still many who do not speak it. 



Well, thinking back the histories of colonizations and how they have come to speak French, maybe there is nothing misterious about it if French still exists as some sort of foreign language or the language of the dominating country. I'm not sure yet. I'm not sure what French language is, for each person who lives here. But I want to know it, and maybe that's the first task of mine here. 



So, I decided to take it seriously to learn to speak some of their local languages, the language that one is raised with, which really is one's mother tongue. The first local language I am learning is called "Jula." (pronounced as dula) I am moving to Diebougou, which is located about 300km from the capital, and which is expected to be my home for the next two years. There are four major local languages spoken in Diebougou and Jula is one of them. I started larning and speaking Jula with the hope of feeling more and more energy of the land, and the people within the language. 




 got a bus ticket to Diebougou. ディエブグ行きのチケット買った。