I was at Komagane Training Center (KTC) for about 70 days as a preparation for my dispatch to Burkina Faso. The biggest aim of my stay there was French language study. There was an internet based learning materials (e-learning) we were assined to complete before the training. There were some videos in e-larning made by some teachers who work at KTC. The lady in the video who was saying some simple French sentences gave me a strong impression. I don't know what it was, but I really did felt something from her and thought I would like her to be my teacher. That was Simone Rasoarilalao, who now became an important and unforgettable person in my life.





A photo from the last day of the class with Natsuki, Yuta, Joji, Simone, Moko, Chiho, and me./クラス最終日、なつき、ゆうた、じょーじ、シモンヌ、もこ、ちほ、と私


I have learned many languages from many great and not-quite-great teachers. Especially when I learned Spanish in Colombia, I was surprised by the great teaching skills of my teachers. But Simone was different from any of them. Maybe she knew the definite methods of teaching foreign languages, maybe it was her unique personality that made me want to speak the language she teaches, maybe she simply had plenty of love for us, or maybe its just all above. I've never felt this thankful to anyone who I have met in my life. She was very strict, very honest, and taught us French with lots of love.





The class of Simone - EXPRESS/シモンヌクラスの特急電車


I was not very enthusiastic about learning French. Without knowing anything, I had always thought French is a borning language. I've decided to learn it only because it seemed usuful. Just the fact that I met Simone had changed my perspective of the French language.  I can be enthusiastic about learning it only by thinking of her.






Simone in "the classroom of Simone"/”シモンヌ教室”にいるシモンヌ


At the farewell party at KTC on the last day of our stay, I played percussion with my best friend, Saori. Simone was standing on my left front watching us play, with a warm smile on her face, a smile like a mother who kindly watches her children. Because she didn't come out at the end by the time of my leave when everybody was crying and hugging each other at the outside parking of KTC, Simone watching our percussion became the last moment I saw her in my stay. Her look then sticks in my mind.





Simone label created by Moko./もこが作ったシモンヌスティッカー


Well, I started writing about her here but I don't know the words to express my feelings for her. Now, I already miss our class of Simone, with my lovely classmates Joji, Natsuki, Yuta, Moko, and Chiho. And I know from experience that the same moments would never come back. Even if we all will gather again after some years, that atmosphere we had shared and lived in during the 70 days would never come back. That's not a bad thing. I guess that's how life goes, and maybe that's why it's fun. But I miss it so much. Yes, I already miss it too much. Thank you Simone, I promise you that I will not die before you.





Simone drinking beer and getting ready to eat sushi /ビールを飲みながら寿司を待ちわびるシモンヌ