NYの大事な場所、ケイブ/My home in NY, CAVE


In my first year of life in NY, I discovered CAVE in Brooklyn, Williamsburg. When I was working as an actor as a member of a mime troup, (I am the worst mime, really) I was scoled by my dearest director because I was such a bad "mover." I didn't know how to use my body (and I was in a mime troup...) After moving to NY, I remembered there is a dance (?) my director used to practice, called Butoh. And on Oct, 2008, I found a flyer of Butoh Workshop! Workshops held at a space called CAVE! 



 ケイブの前で/ me in front of CAVE




Honestly, I don't always enjoy watching Butoh, I mean, of course, I guess, because there are different performers and different styles of Butoh. But I think I can say I almost always, always, enjoyed taking workshops. I don't want to explain or cannot explain what Butoh is here in my words but it was something that definetly became a part of my important self. I lived in Queens that time, and CAVE was in Brooklyn. To take workshops from 10 am, I had to wake up at 8 am everyday. each workshops took only about 2 weeks length. but still, I am not a morning person. I would wake up at 8am for only something that is a high, high, priority for me. I was so sure that I had found the right place, and the right thing. I was really happy and excited for my life. After completing one workshop season, I decided to leave Queens and move into CAVE.



ゾーイ/one of the studio cats Zooey, my ex-boyfriend