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青年海外協力隊/Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers


I will be heading to Burkina Faso, West Africa next July, on two-years mission as a volunteer. The program is called Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, if you know Peace Corps of the U.S. you can think it as the Japanese version of it, I guess. Due to my departure to Burkina Faso, I am leaving my second home town, NYC. I'd like to recall my life in NY from now on here on the blog, little by little, before my departure. 



my lovely collections of important memorable objects/ figures/ 大事なものコレクション



I moved to NY on May 30th, 2008. Yeah, it's been 5 years and 4 months. I spent first 6 months of my NY life with my friends from Korea who I met at the language school. We used to eat in K town and sing Karaoke in K town, or sometimes we went far to Flushing where you can find bigger K or C towns.  


でも結構覚えてるのって、ブラジリアンの友達とメキシカンの友達みんなで映画館に行った事。下の階に行こうと思って階段おりたくて、ドアを開けて階段を下った。で、またドアを開けて出ようと思ったらドアが開かずに閉じ込められた。笑 あれはまだ2ヶ月目の事だったと思う。で、結局パニックの中警察に電話して、救助(?)され、映画館の人に超怒られた。

I remember a lot when we were stuck in the movie theater and got saved by police officers! That was the second month in NY, I was with my Brazilian friends and Mexican friend in Movie theater, we wanted to go downstairs so we opend the door for the stairs.  We went down and tried to open the door again to get out, but the door didnt open! We went back upstairs where we first entered to get out, but the door was locked! This door was, I guess, emergency door and couldnt be opened from inside (why?). we ended up calling up polices and got saved at the end. (well, nothing too serious, we just missed the first 30 minutes of Mammamia!


Amdreia, Sandra, and I at a club