30代/ my thirties


There are those moments that we feel moved in life. I might have it more often than the average. I'm often wanting something, looking for somewhere, and needing somebody. That makes me be desperate but so, I'd end up finding what is important.



I believe that anyone would have at least one person in the world who loves him/her, someone who wouldn't be able to stand to his/her death. If that someone wouldn't be able to find the reason why to love him/her, if that someone cannot do anything but to continue on loving him/her no matter what happens to him/her, if it's not a choice to love someone but if it's just the nature, then we can even be loving someone we hate, and if that's the case, maybe I don't need to be an enemy of anyone anymore.



Since I decided to change the location, from New York to Burkina Faso, I've met so many people. I gained more and more important people of mine. And I became the one for more and more people.



I'm going to start living in japan now after 9 years of absence. When I reached the age that I'd be considered as adult, I was gone already. I left at the age of 19, but I've had already decided to do so when I was 16. Since then, since 12 years ago, not even once, I've never thought about living in japan again. We'd never know what can happen in life.



I'm sincerely excited about my life. I'd be going to be busy, be blue sometimes, and be moved as much. I think my thirties would be more exciting than twenties.



It's been just two months since I've taken the decision to continue living in Burkina, and now I'm deciding to go back to japan as something I want to do there came up.



The reason why I got interested in the work referred as an weird term "international cooperation" was because I dreamed of the days super busy in the everyday cycle of just trying to live. Something like in the medical camps in civil war where you'd never be able to save everyone no matter how much you try, where is filled with the mood of despair. I've never been in such an environment in reality, so it was just an image I've created influenced by the media, and also the feeing of my definite uselessness I experienced in a mental health institution in Kolkata would have helped to create the image.



The most essential thing for me has always been art in Tokyo or in New York. Now I feel it was a different case in Diébougou. I couldn't be desperate on doing art. I want to work in an environment where I have to try my best to the maximum, some works that i feel is super essential.



When I left New York as well, leaving New York was not the purpose of the action, but it was living in Burkina Faso. I just ended up leaving there as a coincidence, but I didn't really intend to. Term of the mission as a volunteer had already been decided as two years since before the dispatch. I just couldn't leave here to leave. Being told to go back to japan because it's time, felt very unnatural to me, so I came back. Now it feels natural to me that I'm leaving because the purpose is there and the movement just just follows after. I seriously thought about continue on living here, and I think that's why I could have taken such a decision that'd cause my leave.



Feeling of sorrow can't be avoided. I'm back in Diébougou since yesterday to say bye to everyone, but as I don't at all want to be emotional, i want to finish it quickly and go. It takes time though, to go see each person and get offered to have a seat, to drink, to eat, to talk, and then do the same at the next person's. I did it today since 8am to 10pm and not done yet. I'd like to finish it tomorrow and go. When it wells up, I can't do anything, but other than that, I'd like to stay cool at the maximum.



I thought I liked Burkina Faso. But coming back to Diébougou after two months of living in Ouagadougou, now I realize that it was Diébougou that I liked. I don't want to sound exaggerating but I know here makes me feel home maybe more than any other places in the world.



Lavage/ 洗濯/ Washing

J'ai grandie avec le machine a laver et si c'est pas Burkina, j'avais lavé avec les mains seulement en Inde ou je restais pour 2 semaines. Quand je suis venue ici, pour quelque mois, je n'étais pas sûr si mon manier de lavage était propre ou pas. Ca été quand une ami m'a aidé a laver, j'ai appris comme ca doit être, à l'âge de 26 ans...




I grew up having a perfect washing machine at home. (and it was always my mom who'd have done the laundry) It was only in India that I experienced washing by hands, only for two weeks. So the first some months after I got to Burkina, I wasn't sure at all if my way of washing was really doing its job or not. When a friend of mine helped me washing, for the first time in my life I learned how to wash clothes, at the age of 26...


Jusqu'à ce mois, j'avais pensé que je ne connais rien parce que j'ai grandie au Japon. Maintenant avec la présence de Miyamoto, un homme japonais qui a 70 ans, j'ai appris finalement qu'il y a des japonais qui sait laver très bien, parce qu'il faisait ca avant que le machine est arrivé au Japon. J'ai fini par avoir honte d'avoir fier de moi de penser que j'ai pu apprendre bien laver parce que je suis venue en Afrique.




Until this month, I was feeling that because I grew up in Japan, I don't know anything that everyone here would know. But with the presence of Miyamoto, a 70 years old man from Japan who is visiting me here, I got to know that there are Japanese who know how to wash clothes. He says they used to wash clothes by hands in Japan before the arrival of washing machine... and that makes total sense. I felt a bit ashamed of myself feeling proud for learning things like this in Africa, that feeling almost like I could have learned it well because I came to Africa;))


Quand j'avais expliqué a ma mama au Japon que la vie au Burkina est très agréable parce que les relations entre des hommes sont très proches, que tu n'est jamais seul a la maison mais il y a des voisins qu'on se salue chaque jour et on vit ensemble. Si je me couch dehors avec un tapis, les enfants à côté vont venir s'amuser avec moi. Ma mama m'a dite que elle connaît complètement comme ça est parce que quand elle a grandie au Japon, c'était toujours comme ça. Elle a dite aussi que elle voulait que ses parents restaient a la maison (les deux travaillaient parce qu'ils n'avaient pas de l'argent) et elle voulait avoir de l'argent pour payer des nouveaux vêtements. Dans ce temp aussi, je me suis rendu comte qu'elle connaît des choses principales de la vie, des choses que j'ai trouvé seulement au Burkina, sans venir a l'Afrique;))




When I explained to my mom in Japan how touching the life in Burkina is, that the relationship between people are very close that you'd never live without knowing your neighbors, that if you'd bring a mat to sleep outside, you'd always have those kids come from neighbors to play with you, that you'd be surrounded by many lovable people. Then she said that she knows all this because it was the same when she grew up. She was born poor and both of her parents had to work outside. She said that though many people were around her, she still wanted her parents to be around, and that she wanted more money to pay clothes. Then I realized that she had already known those essential things in life, those things I've found only here in Burkina, without coming to Africa.


De fois, j'ai trop peur pour ou le Japon, ou les pays développés sont entrant d'aller. Avec de la chose qu'on appel "le development," la vie s'est devenue très matérialisée jusque on ne peut plus connaître comme ça était avant. Comme ça, on peut ouvrier facilement qui nous somme.




Sometimes I am scared of the direction that Japan, or so-called developed countries are going to go to. The world or the society, which have been very materialized have "developed" up to where we can no longer know how it was before. Growing up and living in such environment might make us fool and we could no longer know who we are.


J'ai grandie avec le sentiment que la vie n'est pas réal, qu'il y a des grands choses qui sont bizarre dans la réalité ou j'habitais. Mais je ne savais pas que ce qui n'allait pas. C'était sur la scène des théâtres seulement que je touchais la réalité. Maintenant je comprends bien que ce qui manquait était de la nature (pas seulement la forêt mais la vie dans le cycle de la vie naturelle), je dirais que ma vie naturel n'était plus naturel. Aujourd'hui je la cherche toujours pour compenser ce qui manquait dans ma vie.




I grew up without feeling real. It was only on stage in theater that I felt strong real. In the life that people call reality, I've always felt something fake and unreal. Now I feel very much that what has been lacking is the nature (I'm not talking about forests, but the life in the cycle of nature.) And the reason why I'm here in Burkina today is probably that I'm still searching for what was missing, to make up the definite lack in myself.


Ca fait lonetemp que je pense a ce thème, mais je ne sais toujours pas trop qoui a dire. Pardons pour un blog qui n'est pas clear.


I've been thinking about this theme since I don't know when and I still can't summarize my thoughts. Excuse me for posting such a blog that ends without clearness.



企画実行の自然な方法/natural way for a project to be made and done

ソフィア リモルデの5日間の演劇ワークショップが終わった。みんな本当に、集中の入れ方を学んだと思う。ずっとずっとここのパフォーマーに伝えたかったことが、やっと少し伝えられた気がした。正直、驚いた。スズキメソッドをやってる時の彼らの集中はすごく強くて鋭かった。

5 days theater workshop led by Sophia Remolde just finished. I felt that the participants really have learned how to contrôle their concentration. Maybe finally they came to understand something that I've always wanted to tell them. Their focus during Suzuki Method Training was very strong and that surprised me.




Max tried very hard on his first time interprétation job (English- French). I discovered my own habits and preferences as an interpreter while assisting him. I felt the need for the future for myself to become a better interpreter in French.




It was very challenging for everyone so that we could come to share some really great moments as well. I was so busy since I came back, and as nothing is obligated, we could have said no to doing the workshop, but I'm very glad we did it. This made me feel that we might be able to create something really interesting here.




I thank Sophia. One person has infinity of things can do. I'd like to have many of you come here to share what you find interesting. Here, you cannot do as you've planned, but so, miracles often happen. And there are those moments that I feel happy from the core of my body.




I met Sophia 8 years ago in a puppetry production in New York. Both of us were beginner puppeteers, both had the same background: theater, and both are related to Asia. Then later we found each other again at the Butoh dance studio CAVE, and by then, had so many friends here and there in common. Again in 2014, right before moving to Burkina, I stayed in Japan for 10months and Sophia was somehow there as well. Since I started living in Burkina, she has been moving a lot in the world. Then this time, as if it's natural, she came to join.




At the meeting on the next day of her arrival I asked her if possible to do a theater workshop, then she said yes. During a week of NyamaNyama festival, there were so much difficulties we've encountered (nothing her fault) then we couldn't finish it as we wanted. Then, she was asked to continue the workshop, so those 5 days happened.




The way how it happened was very natural and it happened with a good flow.




Thinking about the possibility that one person has. It was good this time because she was being there very grounded and through the exchange with others and the land based on her individual existence here, she's got to build the relationship and the project naturally started out of everyone's feeling. Very natural. The project developed without the exchange based on individual existence as a one, is weird. Or sometimes it's just based on rules or system of whatever the organization or based on strong biases developed somewhere else. The project without heart, is weird.




The reason why I don't like that, well I can just say because it's weirdly unnatural. I think now the world is becoming incurable because of so many unnaturalness pulled up to the point we don't even see the bottom or the origin. I feel that Burkina hasn't yet been invaded much and that's why I see the hope for the world here. I don't want those weird unnaturalness to catch Burkina.




Planing and doing project with Sophia had happened in the natural flow. It was good. And I'd like to keep working on searching for supporting this kind of connection between here and the rest of the world.




new home / 新居

Can't believe it's been only two years since the day that the first garbage art object was made.



First object in Dec 2014/ 2014年12月末、最初のゴミオブジェ


It feels much time has passed as considering my own integration to this place since then.



NyamaNyama 2016 Openig/ 2度目のニャマニャマ芸術祭のオープニング


I remember very much the day that I was feeling just so good being here, some feeling I'd never had in my life. That time I saw some slight possibility of coming back to live in Africa after my voluntary mission of two years. My plan was to go to live in Korea after Burkina. It hasn't changed till now, but I guess my time in Burkina hasn't come to the end yet.



Mom's village/ ブリジットママの村


I'll try to make what I want to do happen.



Traditional music & medicines/ 伝統音楽と薬


A bit scary of course, feeling like the first day of a long semester, that I will be in a total new environment again, that I'd have to acknowledge my being in a new community and search to arrive to the point where there is comfort.



NyamaNyama object 2016/ 2016年の作品


But I am sure that I will find, it wouldn't be as uncertain as the first time in Diébougou because it'll still be the same Burkina, which is the country that embraced me strongly.



Women from villages/ 村から来た女性達


I'm moving to Ouagadougou, the capital and will make my project NyamaNyama an NGO or an enterprise.



International Art Festival NyamaNyama 2016



Sri Lanka





Sri Lanka

It was in April that Burkina Faso's Diébougou and Dapelogo and Sri Lanka's Ragala got connected through drawing contest presented by NyamaNyama (my project) and it made myself as well wanna come to Sri Lanka. Info for the drawing contest in April:


Burkina Faso



After 3 days introduction to Ayurveda (Sri Lankan traditional medical therapy) I headed to Ragala village where my friend Naoko Takada, ex volunteer of JICA like me has lived. While I lived in Burkina she lived here for two years. When I started to say that I want to make connections between my Diébougou and other places in the world, she was the first person who contacted me saying she is in it. The drawing contest was where we ended up in the journey of the search for a connection between two sites.


お絵かき大会の交流対象校(絵を交換しあって展覧会した)のひとつだったRagala Krishnan 小学校の教頭先生であるシャンタマラさんの家に泊まりに行く予定だったんだけど、行くその日にシャンタマラさんのシスターが亡くなった。3ヶ月前から肝臓を悪くしていたらしい。シャンタマラさんはそんな非常事態に私のことをすごく気にかけてくれて、今日は泊めてあげられない、本当にごめんねと何度も謝ってくれた。でも明日からは大丈夫!!と言うけれど私も遠慮して、交流校とは関係ないけどナオコのホストファミリーの家に行くことにしたんだ。急に聞いたのに快く受け入れてくれた。シャンタマラさんのお家はお葬式の後に1日訪ねたんだけど、この先のブログがその時のもの: http://miyuleilani.hatenadiary.com/entry/2016/11/01/002753


人が亡くなると家中のペンキを塗り替えるのだそう/after funeral they reprint the house (tradition)

Ms. Shantamala is the vice principal of Ragala Krishnan elementary school, one of the targeted schools of our project. As purpose of my visit here was to meet those people who were involved in the project in person, I was going to stay at her house. But in the morning on 28th October, the day I was going to go visit her, her dear sister passed away so I suddenly changed my destination to Naoko's host family's. Ms.Shantamala at this emergent moment had worried and cared about me a lot and she even said tomorrow (supposed to be the big funeral day) i can come stay;) but I decided not to, and I made one day visit after funeral.
This earlier blog post is about visiting her: http://miyuleilani.hatenadiary.com/entry/2016/11/01/002753




I've already seen many photos of Ragala or Sri Lanka as being introduced by Naoko, I was the one who had to introduce Sri Lanka to Burkina kids so I've done researches myself as well, well I've lived in Africa for two years so I kind of was thinking a country in Asia wouldn't be able to surprise me anymore. I was wrong. I guess I really lack a sense of imaginability that I can never really feel to believe that the place or the people exist in this reality without myself being in the place or being with the people. Maybe in the same way that even I think about it I cannot feel the war in Syria real.




I don't believe that everyone should travel. My best friend from high school is someone who doesn't travel and that has never been a problem between us. And it's not everyone who can travel. I'm really sorry to my Diébougou people who were in this exchange project with me that I'm traveling here without them alone. I know some of them really wanted to come. But at the same time I'm coming to realize that how much I like this. I like so much to be in the culture, to acknowledge their common sense and follow it, and feel wow this isn't bad either, that life can be whatever the way you like.


誰かの家の仏教のお祈りに参加したら最後にもらった御利益のある紐/after praying ceremony of Buddhism in a house which I don't know whose;) I got this lucky string wrapped on my wrist.



Spending time with Naoko's host family, coworkers, and friends, I feel that she has really lived with them for two years. Her existence here must have not been as a random tourist-like volunteer but more as a citizen who has worked hard in and for the village with the population. Feeling that so much, I was touched and wanted to cry. Everyone releases their tension and come close to me smiling after I tell them that I'm a friend of Naoko.




The world is big. Maybe it's bigger than anybody can imagine. I like it. I like to be surprised and amazed and touched and impressed by different world's way of its being. I always get more than I can ever imagine.













アノーシャさんのウエブメインページ: http://hghg.jp/ayurveda/





アーユルヴェーダの施術: http://www.hghg.jp/hotelpriyamani/treatment.html









アノーシャさんのウエブメインページ: http://hghg.jp/ayurveda/